Harp and Bass on tour

Australian Jazz Harpist Diane Peters , residing in Italy collaborates in Australia and Europe with Bass Players in her individual project “Harp and Bass on tour “

2023 in Italy at Padova Jazz Lab Diane appeared with Marc Abrams, Bassist from her Trio Blue Immersion.

In Australia 2015 appeared with Nick Haywood in Melbourne and Tasmania at the Up Town Jazz Cafe, MONA and for the Tasmanian harp society, in  Adelaide with Lyndon Gray at the nexus arts centre. Collaborations with Tamara Murphy in Melbourne, at Bennet's Lane, for the Melbourne Jazz Coop,  when on tour with Maria Vicentini Viola player from Italy in 2009.

In europe  Diane has played with bassist Danilo Gallo in trio with Stefano Benini, With Yuri Goloubev in concert performing as a duo aswell as ensemble compositions in her project Salti Temporali recorded and available on this site. With Antonella Mazza, and Bruno Rouselet in  concerts in Paris from 2012 to 2015. In her project Blue Immersion  the line up  Harp and Bass ,with Marc Abrams on bass, extends with the addition of Drums and percussion by Enzo Carpentieri. In Puglia Blue Immersion has apperaed with versions collaborating with the fabulous bass players; Pier Luigi Balducci at the Franca Villa Jazz Festival 2019, and with Marco Bardoscia in Lecce, Italy.

The music : Original jazz inspired compositions by Diane, and afro american grooves, and improvisations, pieces of and in the style of Alice Coltrane, Anouar Brahem. Open and varied performances amalgamating in each performance the diversity and styles of the wonderfull bass players she has had the fortune to collaborate with.





“harp and bass on tour "

L'arpista jazz australiana Diane Peters, residente in Italia, collabora in Australia e in Europa con i bassisti nel suo progetto individuale “harp and bass on tour "

In Australia 2015 è apparso con Nick Haywood a Melbourne e in Tasmania all'Up Town Jazz Cafe, MONA e per la Tasmanian harp society, ad Adelaide con Lyndon Gray al nexus arts center. Collaborazioni anche con Marc Shepherd from Archaeopteryx and Adana, e Tamara Murphy a Melbourne.

In europa Diane ha suonato con Danilo Gallo in trio con Stefano Benini, con Yuri Goloubev in concerto esibendosi in duo e composizioni d'ensemble nel suo progetto Salti Temporali, da cui hanno prodotto un dico “Salti Temporali “ live. Con Antonella Mazza e Bruno Rouselet in concerti a Parigi dal 2012 al 2015. Nel suo progetto Blue Immersion prosegue il tema del basso, essendo una formazione di Arpa e Basso, con l'aggiunta di Batteria e percussioni di Enzo Carpentieri. Bassista Marc Abrams nella formula originale, e in Puglia Blue Immersion è apparso con versioni collaborando con i favolosi bassisti; Pier Luigi Balducci e Marco Bardoscia.

La musica: composizioni originali ispirate al jazz di Diane, adattamenti di standard jazz, folk, etnici e improvvisazioni, concentrandosi sulla diversità e gli stili dei meravigliosi bassisti con cui ha avuto la fortuna di collaborare.