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Diane Peters - Jazz harpist, composer

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Inspired by early non-classical harpists such as Dorothy Ashby, Alice Coltrane and Andreas Vollenweider, Diane diverted her classical studies, to the world of Jazz and Composition. Harp lessons began at the age of 5 with Lydia Shaxson. She studied also theatre and film then was drawn to jazz and composition. She is the first harpist in Australia to complete the Victorian College of the Arts JAZZ and IMPROVISATION performance degree. She studied with Huw Jones and Marshall Mc Guire (harp), combined with lessons from Ben Robinson ( bass) and Tim Stevens ( piano) to name a few. Influenced by Australian musicians Mark Simmonds, Chris Abrahams (The Necks), Paul Grabowsky. She then took lessons in New York with Park Stickney, and was happy to also meet the mythical Daphney Hellman, and sad not to have ever met Alice Coltrane. Diane Has performed in NY, Paris, Netherlands, Italy and of course AUSTRALIA.

DIANE PETERS 1.9MB photograph by Antonia Di BellaDiane is constantly gaining skills and inspiration playing and recording with musicians in Italy where she lives now in  Europe. 

Some international appointments include: being Invited from Australia to the 5th European Harp Symposium in Amsterdam with her 5 piece band 2001, and the ANU International Harp Event 2004 , where she played in trio and took a jazz / improv workshop. In Italy the International Harp Festival of Viggiano ( Basilicata Italy)  saw a concerto of  cafeAmaro and improv workshop in 2015. Concerts between Australia Italy and Paris include OZ tour of “bass & harp on tour” 2015.

Projects following her 1st band in Australia, Archaeopteryx, (a jazz line up of Bass, Drums, Sax, Trombone) with CD, and ADANA,  include “Project Sunrise” in Australia double ensemble of jazz and strings .TRIO AMARONE : harp Diane Peters, Bass Nicola Monti, Viola Maria Vicentini, have played concerts of original jazz by Diane Peters in Italy and toured in Australia in 2009. "Salti Temporali" a concert recorded live in 2011 for a CD of all original music by Diane Peters.  Diane collaborates with Shakespeare in Veneto from 2016 with live original music on stage in the theatre production of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Solimano Pontarollo. A CD of cafeAmaro out in 2017 Diane Peters + Apo(tech) Harp , voice and Electronica.  In 2017  Diane Peters Live solo set , (an ongoing work in progress of jazz , and original music with electonic manipulation of the voice and harp), appeared at TolfArt festival in Carpineto Romano and  the Padova Jazz Festival 2017, and in 2018 various concerts including Notte della Borgo in Salento 2018.

Her Jazz trio BLUE IMMERSION from 2018 , with Marc Abrams on bass and Enzo Carpentieri on drums, with concerts in Padova, Venezia, Sirmione video  BLUE IMMERSION "live in venice".  In Summer 2019 Blue Immersion toured in Puglia, playing Taranto , Andria ( Bari ) , Lecce, and were featured in the FrancaVilla Jazz festival 2019. Blue immersion in Puglia have collaborated with Pierluigi Balduci , and Marco Bardoscia. Diane Peters continues collaborations on stage with Licia Maglietta include Parma Concerti , poetry with music and Milan in 2019 il debut della versione di Alan Bennett's "The bed among the Lentils" preceded by a concert of solo harp. With Blue Immersion touring in Puglia estate 2019, Andria ( Bari) , Taranto , Lecce, ed FRANCA VILLA JAZZ FESTIVAL. 2020  saw Diane Peters live solo nel Festival Il Camino Celeste in Salento , and festival GENIUS LOCI , Roma. with MArteLive









Diane Peters - Jazz harpist, Composer - Australia

Diane Peters è un'artista  internazionale formatasi a Melbourne dove si è esibita in diversi formazioni non classica nei locali e jazz club. Si è laureata presso VCA e Monash Uni Melbourne, in jazz, improvvisazione e composizione. “Diane Peters’Archeaopteryx” un CD di sua musica originale in quintet era registrata per "A.B.C jazz track" a A.B.C. studios Melbourne. Ha suonato a New York, Parigi, Belgio ed Amsterdam per 5th European harp symposium. Festival internazionali di arpa: '98 Perugia, 2001 Arles, 2004 ANU Australia e 2015 Viggiano.  2003 "Project Sunrise" un suite di musica scritta da Diane per ensemble jazz con archi ed concerto di tutto musica origonale, e stato suonato a Bennets Lane,  ed in 2009 in Adelaide con alcuni musicisti  dal ASO. In italia dal 2005 ha interpretato le sue musiche con diversi musicisti quali: Stefano Benini, Maria Vicentini, Yuri Goloubev, Danilo Gallo. Ha registrato per Nicola Conte Bari (Blue Note Jazz). 2011 CD DEL LIVE "Salti Temporali " di composizioni originale. Con il suo progetto "Harp n Bass" ha suonato con Antonella Mazza e Bruno Rousselet a Parigi e in Australia con Nick Haywood e Lyndon Gray 2015. Cd del progetto cafeAmaro ( arpa ed elettronica con Andrea Ponzoni ) è uscita 2017, con i LIVE in Italia Roma, Firenze, Milano. Suona ed scrive per Orchestra  MOSAIKA di Verona dal 2017. In collaborazioni in teatro con Licia Maglietta , 2018 Roma al Teatro Piccolo  Eliseo, ed Parma concerti 2019 , ed in Milano 2019. Il Progetto BLUE IMMERSION ( in trio con Marc Abrams - bass e Enzo Carpentieri - drums iniziato in  2018 suonando a Venezia , Padova e Verona, touring in Puglia estate 2019, Andria ( Bari) , Taranto , Lecce, ed FRANCA VILLA JAZZ FESTIVAL. 2020 ha visto Diane Peters live solo nel Festival Il Camino Celeste in Salento ed il festival GENIUS LOCI , Roma. Esce VITE il secondo disco di MOSAIKA 2021, con alcune brani scritto ed arrangiato da Diane  per l'orchestra.



 Recenzioni 2022 ORCHESTRA MOSAIKA ( Orchestra con cui Diane Peters collabora come arpista ed ha scritto ed arrangiata alcuni brani ) 






Diane Peters live solo



 BLUE IMMERSION  ( Diane Peters Trio ) - trailer



"blue immersion" from franca villa jazz festival 2019 ( proudly from 1.35 to 2.35 )






CD LIVE 2011

“Salti Temporali” in Italy with Accoustic string trio and recorded sounds, having produced a CD of the live performace tube.



CD  OUT 2017 

cafeAmaro = Diane Peters + (Apo-tech) co written electronic pop/ jazz, soundscapes, tracks beats and improvisation.




member of MOSAIKA , a Verona based ethno/ jazz orchestra.




STEFANO BENINI DIANE PETERS DUO - harp and flute jazz duo( here in trio with Danillo Gallo)   



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CD review "Diane Peters'Archaeopteryx" australia:

“The program shows Peters to be an adventurous harpist, skilled vocalist and excellent composer whose combined body of work on this set has multiple peaks of interest. She obviously takes her art seriously, and the result is a serious musical endeavour.” Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine, USA 2001


recent ITALY:

CD release of cafeAmaro in 2017 recieved web media and reviews.  www.cafeamaro.com.

cafeAmaro= Diane Peters + Apo(tech) PERFORMANCE:

“cafeAmaro is a successful combination of art , between video, electronica, voice and harp , poetry and emotion in the moment. ” 2015
Vincenzo Zitello


cafeAmaro= Diane Peters + Apo(tech) CD REVIEW 2017

"The Harp, a rare and evocative instrument, played with the virtuosity of Diane Peters, meets with the electronica of Andrea Ponzoni."


cafeAmaro= Diane Peters + Apo(tech) live 2016         “ ... I heard moments of Cinematic Orchestra e Craig Armstrong, Bohren und der Club of Gore and Angelo Badalamenti, Pat Metheny, Tortoise and Dead Can Dance.” 

cd: …“A disc made with relaxed transperance, of mediation, …also sensual as in Nostra Bossa..”  A.Giulio Magliulo

cafeAmaro= Diane Peters + Apo(tech) CD REVIEW 2017
“..a constant exchange ... high end refined instrumentale music….including layers of detached avantguard electronica” indiepercui ( web review )

cafeAmaro= Diane Peters + Apo(tech) CD REVIEW 2017
“Particularly interesting, the electric acoustic setting , the sounds of the harp, voice and the guest instruments interlaced with varicolored electronica…All Very Enjoyable” 
Angello Leonardi ( all about jazz )